Married the Scum Gong’s Villain Brother


Jing Xun transmigrated into a novel called “All for love” and became the protagonist shou who was about to jump off the building because of love.

In the original book, the video of the protagonist jumping off a building circulated on the internet; he was known as a college student who wasted educational resources and did not have self-respect.

As a learning tyrant, Jing Xun asked: “Seriously, who is that?”

Jing Xun was good-looking and good at studying. He was simply excellent in all aspects but his health was not good.

Although he had transmigrated into a BE scum novel, he felt very fortunate because he finally had a healthy body… so Jing Xun planned to kick the scum gong away and do all the things he couldn’t do before.

However, he didn’t expect that the first extraordinary thing he did after transmigrating was to stand in a claustrophobic and dim room after being drugged, and ask for help from a handsome and indifferent Mr. Long Legs:

“Mister, can you help me?”

After a night of passion, Jing Xun felt that this gentleman was a good person.

Until two days later, Mr. Long legs came to the door and wanted to marry him.

Jing Xun: …Wasn’t it just a one-night stand!?

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