The Male God Has A Crush On Me

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Shi Qingning, who suffered from a serious congenital heart disease, entered a dog-blood novel. Although there were scumbags everywhere, he finally has the healthy body that he always dreamed of.

After kicking the scumbag’s ass, Shi Qingning found out that he was just an unknown minor supporting role, and the dog-blood plot that he encountered was nothing compared to that of the protagonist of the novel.

The genius who was supposed to shine brightly, was ruined by the so-called twisted plot.

Shi Qingning: ? The fist is hard.jpg

Shi Qingning, who most hated to see the destruction of a genius, successfully changed the plot. Watching the protagonist regain the flowers and applause that he should have gotten, Shi Qingning was extremely relieved, but suddenly saw the other party’s gloomy expression.

Shi Qingning asked, “What’s the matter?”

The protagonist lowered his long black eyelashes, and was silent for a moment before he said, “I have had a crush on someone for too long, but I don’t dare to tell.”

Shi Qingning laughed, “How is this a problem, just go and confess. I’ll cheer for you.”

Seeing that the protagonist was not depressed and world-weary due to the heavy injuries caused by the dog-blood plot, but also actively wanted to fall in love, Shi Qingning became more and more gratified.

The cub has grown up.

So that night, he realized exactly how big the cub had grown.

In his previous life, Bai Yexi was very cold-hearted causing people to avoid him. He was like a walking corpse, without any hint of sadness or joy.

Until that person appeared, after which Bai Yexi only had one wish.

I want to see him smile again.

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