Against the Gods


Mythical Abode Mountain, Cloud’s End Cliff, the most dangerous of Azure Cloud Continent’s four deadly areas. Cloud’s End Cliff’s base is known as the Grim Reaper’s Cemetery.

Over countless years, the number of people that have fallen off this cliff is too high to count. None of them, even three stronger than god masters, whose power could pierce the heavens, have been able to return alive. However, a boy that’s being chased by various people because he alone holds a priceless treasure jumps off the cliff, but instead of dying he wakes up in the body of a boy with the same name in another world!

This is the story of a boy wielding the Sky Poison Pearl, cultivating the strength to oppose heaven and earth, a lord overlooking the world!

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Petra Foster

Against the Gods is a generic self-insert, wish-fulfilment, harem novel that comes with the usual annoyances in Xian/Wu-xia novels, namely the arrogant antagonists who can’t see Mount Tai and of course, the peerless, jade-skinned fairies all around. Do not let these tags and combinations put you off though, as the author perfectly blends them and sums it all up into something amazing.

If you are looking for something similar to:

  • Martial God Asura
  • Battle Through the Heavens
  • Heavenly Jewel Change

And have not read Against the Gods yet, you certainly should! Particularly if you are looking for something lengthy to read.

One thing which makes ATG interesting is the struggles of the supposedly overpowered main character, Yun Che, through the heart-wrenching hurdles along his way. About how he furiously struggles through each and every one of them and about how he realizes that life is simply unfair at times. The highs and lows of his journey is guaranteed to capture the reader’s hearts through the main character’s journey, and break them mercilessly at times. It makes one realize and think about how to live and cherish what’s present, amazing right?

To think that a simple novel managed to teach this fact. Knock yourselves out, this is really enjoyable.

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