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Auto Assigned Villainess
  • JP
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • School Life
“…This is really well made for VR, huh?” “Just why am I in the body of that bumpkin girl…!?” ‘I’, a college girl from modern day Japan, became the villainess of an otome game. And, ‘Eileen’, the real villainess who lost her body to me, suddenly became the heroine, Charlotte. There was only one way…
Releases 44Frequency 1.07
I Reincarnated So I Became A VTuber
  • JP
  • Comedy
  • Gender Bender
  • Sci-fi
  • Supernatural
One day, they woke up and were in a white world. They thought reincarnated into the familiar isekai world, or so they thought, but when they opened their eyes, it was my computer’s white screen. The main character, who was reincarnated as an AI, wishes to be connected to people, so they became VTuber. Sure…
Releases 2
Bokusatsu Majo No Purei Nikki ~ Hikikomori No Imouto Ga Zenzen Kamattekurenai Node, Geemu Ni Nagurikonde Bosu No Shikabane No Ue De Ai Wo Sakendetara Saikyou Ni Narimashita~
  • JP
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Shoujo Ai
  • Yuri
Suzumiya Suzune is a high school girl who loves her younger sister so much it’s unbearable. Despite this, she spends her days being treated coldly by her precious little sister, Shizuku. One day, her close friend tells her that Shizuku has recently been obsessed with a VRMMORPG called “Fantasy Frontier Online”. With her mind completely…
Releases 12Frequency 3.42
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