I Am Average and Unremarkable


Jiu Hui was just an ordinary garlic chive spirit. Before she left the village, the other yaos in the village told her that some humans were racist, so she must never let others know that she was a yao.

In the world of self-cultivation, there were many immortal sects. Some sects were good at refining elixirs, some were good at sword cultivation, and some were good at divination. Only the sect that Jiu Hui worshipped was not only incapable of controlling yao monsters, but also had no sense of existence in other aspects.

Jiu Hui asked her master, “What has our sect relied on for the past two thousand years?”

Her master’s expression was profound, and her gaze was distant. “It all depends on gou*.”


TN: MC heard the wrong word, her master’s gou is slang for outlasting others by hiding/preserving strength, her gou is for dog.

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