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In just one year, Laina City lost eight lords due to various natural and man-made disasters, earning a terrifying reputation among the nobility as ‘the cursed land’.

And this infamously cursed city finally welcomed a new lord before the end of spring, who possessed dazzling golden hair like the sun and an angelic, delicate face that always bore a smile.

As soon as Oliver opened his eyes, he was faced with this vast and barren land, and fearful and frail serfs.

Looking further, he saw his skills reset to zero, a low quality backpack with only basic tools and a few sets of seeds.

Oliver silently looked at the mud-like, hard-to-swallow bean soup, then at the gray, locked list of items, falling deep into thought.

Before long, the people of Laina were terrified to discover that this seemingly delicate golden-haired beauty was actually a construction fanatic who would rise early every day and faint beside the road at night, only to miraculously return full of energy the next day.

Emotional Ver. of Plot Text:

To find a legitimate source for the items obtained through the game system…

Oliver had a stroke of cunning insight – boldly using a statue from his backpack as a deity idol, taking advantage of his territory’s remote location and the rarity of outside visitors.

Although it was risky to create his own ‘god’, it indeed provided perfect cover for the “miracles” he displayed.

However, he didn’t know that because the people in his territory loved him too much, they sincerely regarded the statue as a god and worshipped it day in and day out.

As time went by, the statue that had eventually absorbed enough faith to gain divinity and become a true god.

—And this newly born deity deeply loved the beautiful lord who not only created him but also brought him fresh flowers every day with a smile when he was still vague in consciousness.

*Note: This text contains extensive descriptions of the protagonist’s appearance, emphasizing his beauty. The author enjoys this style and will not change it.

*The main character is the bottom in a 1V1 relationship, featuring original game skills items in a fantasy world. The game is inspired by “Stardew Valley” (also known as “Liver Valley”).

*No historical accuracy, the entire text is the author’s fabrication.

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