Young Master and His Super Inferno Lover


Mu Yunshen returned to his hometown after retiring from the military. He opened a pet shop and lived a quiet life, thinking that the rest of his life was going to be spent peacefully like this, until one day, a young master of a military family he once protected came looking for him…

“You look a little familiar.” Trolexer looked at Mu Yunshen with dark blue eyes.

“I think you must have mistaken me for someone else…” Mu Yunshen turned around to feed the Iceflame fox in the cage, but only to hide the cold sweat running down his face.

“Let’s see… you look a lot like the guard who used to protect me.” Trolexer said, rubbing his chin.

Mu Yunshen knew he couldn’t hide anymore. What should come would always come, and it was time to face it all.

“That’s right! Do you know how much pain I’ve gone through during the years you were away?!”

“And those two boys in the room! They are our children!”

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wow, i really like this. it has it’s ups and downs but over all it’s pretty good, The problem is that it is not a full novel. It is supposed to be, I donated money and looked up the novel but there are minimal chapters posted. Very dissheartning 🙁

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