Villainess, I’ll Pamper You


There is always a villainess who become the biggest stumbling block in the relationship between the male and female leads, the one with the most miserable ending.

After being summoned into time and space by a strong force, Ah Xin was determined to appease the broken hearted younger sister, help her live a normal life, and finally, help her getting rid of the vicious villainess’ fate!

Little sister: “Ah Xin, you have been in love with me, right?”

Ah Xin: “No……..” No, I’m not!

Little sister: “You keep telling me that I’m the most beautiful, the best, worthy of everything, always sticking to me, pampering me, the facts show that you’re infatuated with me.”

Little sister: “No need to explain, Ah Xin, I won’t let you down.”

Ah Xin: “Actually, everything is a misunderstanding… Huh? Little sister, you’re so beautiful, lets kiss?

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