Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao


The fat cat Black Tubby said, “Supreme Commander is a good person, meow!”

The bird Grandfather Sparrow said, “Supreme Commander is a good person, chirp!”

The little mouse Oil Jar also said, “Supreme Commander is a good person, squeak!”

Furthermore, the weasel Great Immortal said, “You and Supreme Commander are a match made in Heaven~”

All of the little animals told Ning Xiaoyao about Supreme Commander, Supreme Commander, Supreme Commander! So, Ning Xiaoyao believed that this Supreme Commander named Lou Zigui had to be a good guy. As to whether or not they were a match made in Heaven…

The fat cat Black Tubby clawed at Ning Xiaoyao. “You wrote the decree sentencing Supreme Commander to death in the execution grounds, ah! You fatuous, self-indulgent ruler!!!”

Ning Xiayao replied, “…”

Ning Xiaoyao is a genetically evolved army doctor from a zombie-infested apocalyptic world. One day, she transmigrates to the past as the next emperor of an ancient country. But wait, isn’t she a girl?!

As it turns out, she’s a disguised stand-in for her baby brother under the “loving” care of the empress dowager, her mother and future murderer. Faced with her impending death, Ning Xiaoyao must thwart the schemes of her family to survive in a palace allied against her. But how does a zombie-killing expert with supernormal strength, healing powers, and the ability to understand animals deal with the intricacies of court politics?

“If nothing else works, I’ll just beat them all up!”

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