The Wealthy Stepmother of the School Grass Won by Lying Down

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Ruan Ling transmigrated into a campus novel and became the male protagonist’s wealthy stepmother. At the age of sixteen, the school grass Ye Xu possessed outstanding looks and academic excellence, making him the object of admiration and envy for countless people. However, at the same time, he lost his parents at a young age and, after being adopted by his uncle, never experienced the warmth of family.

The absence of a childhood and familial affection made Ye Xu mature early, reserved, and reticent. He never opened his heart to anyone.

Ruan Ling: I understand. I will heal my stepson’s emotional pain and be a good mother!

System: No, your task is to maintain the role of the antagonist stepmother in the book and uphold the stability of the world.

Ruan Ling: …


When he came home from school, Ye Xu was stopped by Ruan Ling when he returned to the room alone.

Ruan Ling: What happened at school today? Don’t leave without telling me!

As a result, Ruan Ling listened with relish, and Ye Xu was forced to help her follow up.


On the weekend, Ye Xu was dragged to the living room by Ruan Ling as soon as he woke up.

Ruan Ling: Accompany me to watch idol dramas, We must watch until the finale!

Half an hour later, Ruan Ling fell asleep first, and Ye Xu silently covered her with a blanket.


Later, one day, the head of the Ye family got off work on time for the first time, just to have dinner with his wife and son.

In the living room, Ruan Ling and Ye Xu were huddled on the sofa with their fingers flying, and no one paid attention to Mr. Ye, who hurried home.

Ruan Ling: Xu Ge! I’ve unleashed my ultimate move, come on!

Mr. Ye: …

What should I do if my wife ignores me while playing games and treats our son like a brother? Waiting online, it’s urgent.


Later, Ye Xu unexpectedly became popular on the Internet and was dubbed as the “Runaway Protagonist” of a campus novel. Netizens dug up Ye Xu’s middle school blog posts, accusing Ruan Ling of being a negligent mother.

The next day, Ye Xu gave an interview publicly defending Ruan Ling: “Since she appeared, my life has had light.”

A week later, Ruan Ling was photographed holding hands and taking a stroll with a handsome man, causing a stir across the internet.

[ Ruan Ling, you’re so heartless! Ye Xu defended you for nothing! ]

That evening, the business tycoon Ye Jingchi posted on social media: “Didn’t expect to be photographed while taking a walk with my wife. Thank you all for your concern for our family.” The post included a family photo.

Netizen: …

[ Husband is the CEO novel male lead, son is the campus novel male lead, what kind of life-winning script is this? ]


*School Grass – the hottest male student. Also known as school heartthrob/hunk


One-sentence summary: The stepmother in a wealthy family enjoys life to the fullest!

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