The Rich Second-Generation Villain With No Morals


When his family company went bankrupt, Qi Lin sought help from relatives and friends he had helped before.

Qi Lin: “Brother Wang, I treated you to breakfast for three years in high school~”

Wang Cheng: “I, Wang Cheng, am not an ungrateful person. Bring me 1000 bowls of hot dry noodles for my old classmate.”

Qi Lin: “Xueyao, do you remember when you were looking for a job, you stayed at my villa for three years?”

Qi Xueyao: “I paid you three years’ rent for a 10-square-meter room. Why don’t you move your whole family in?”

Qi Lin helped these people back then, but now they’re indifferent to him.

Disheartened, Qi Lin jumped from a high-rise building in despair.

He thought he would die like that, but when Qi Lin opened his eyes again, he found himself back in his third year of high school.

The family company hadn’t gone bankrupt, and he was still a rich second-generation playboy.

Recalling the scenes after his family went bankrupt, Qi Lin sneered coldly.

Since I was all about fooling around and waiting for death, why not become a rich second-generation with no morals?

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