After The Empresses Rebelled Against Villain, He Whitewashed Himself


Gu Changqing transmigrated into the cultivation world and became the ‘utterly evil’ villain.

At the beginning, he was in imminent danger as he was jointly targeted by the protagonist and the empresses of various realms.

Deep in crisis, he awakened the Life Editor.

In his childhood, he found Gu Yuwei in a pile of corpses. He treated her as his sister and allowed her to step on his fate and enter the immortal path.

In his youth, he achieved unparalleled mastery in swordsmanship, dominating the world with his sword, but because of his sworn brother, he severed his arm in the heavy snow: no longer practicing swordsmanship…

In his destitution, he once encountered the tragically fated White Emperor of his childhood, and they lived and died together, redeeming each other.

On the day the White Emperor tragically died, he slaughtered thousands of miles, using the Dao Fruit of the Great Emperor to reverse the cycle: I promise you, a lifetime of prosperity.

While wandering the mortal world, he encountered the Goddess Chang Xi.

She was resurrected by her sister, the Demon Spirit into the mortal world.

To protect Chang Xi, Gu Changqing silently endured the condemnation of humanity for eternity, and bore the enmity of Chang Xi toward humanity.


All his actions throughout his life, to…

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