The Handsome God Picked Up the Paranoid Alpha

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The White Wolf Federation’s Triss family appointed an unprecedented Omega Wolf King, known for his god-like beauty but infamous for his cold and ruthless nature across the interstellar. At some point, an alpha full of youthful vigor appeared by his side. The Wolf King displayed an unusual affection for his “pup,” drawing considerable criticism from the Triss family. they didn’t hold him in high regard because…

“He’s merely a pup the Wolf King picked up from the Starfall Sea, couldn’t even achieve a complete marking. What’s there to say?””

Lu Xingye remembered that pheromone-filled night vividly. The god-like beautiful Omega casually asked him, “I don’t need you to take responsibility, I just need an alpha who can help me alleviate…Have you decided?”

The young alpha nodded incessantly, offering his sincere heart that night. it was much later when he discovered that it was all his own wishful thinking.

“Are you really going to drive me away?” Lu Xingye asked incredulously.

Lyss looked down at him from a superior position, “Yes.”

The next day, Lu Xingye left without a word. No one knew if he was disheartened or had other intentions.

Upon hearing the news, Lyss silently lowered his eyes. “He must hate me thoroughly,” Lyss thought as he touched his abdomen. “He won’t come back.”

Five years later, the Mannstadt Empire, led by the Black Wolf royal family, announced the discovery of the missing Sixth Prince to the entire interstellar and invited people from all walks of life to attend the Prince’s purification banquet.

At the event, the White Wolf King arrived with his only daughter to offer congratulations. The Sixth Prince graciously and warmly received them. Lyss felt somewhat desolate but genuinely wished for the growth of his “pup.” After the banquet, the Sixth Prince forcefully pushed Lyss onto the bed…

“Brother,” he laughed dangerously and brightly, his eyes flashing an inhuman glint, “whose pup is that you’ve sired?”

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