Conditional Power (Tags)

Conditional Power


Powers that require a price or requirement that allows it to be invoked.

  • Yaoi
Built on the land of freedom, the Tierra School of Magic, as long as you can listen to the voice of the earth, you can become one of the students. Here, regardless of class, gender, or race, as long as it has life, it can be respected. Eyes gave everything of their own, for the…
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Soul Painter
  • Horror
When Gao Fan tried to paint the “God” with a brush. madness descends. ? Gushing from the bottom of the sea, rising from the ground, descending from the sky… From the beginning and end of the sequence to the sentient beings with despair.
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Become a God Today, Join the Ten Thousand Realms Chat Group
  • Fantasy
Liu Che crossed the highest plane and obtained an infinite enhancement system. Open up the realm of God and recruit believers. When he was worried about how to recruit believers, he received an invitation from the Ten Thousand Realms chat skirt. Pirates of the Caribbean: Another newcomer, what a wonderful encounter, to share your story…
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Little Overlord and Mr. Mei
  • Yuri
Xia Wuxin’s father is the head teacher, and it is said that she is notoriously arrogant and domineering. One day she dreamed of being in the sky, lingering with a beauty, and removing her veil. She was shocked to discover that the other party was actually the cold, rigid teacher she hated the most. She…
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Become a Passerby Heroine
  • Fan-Fiction
Passer-by heroines use the method of doing things, if they don’t agree with them, they will do things, and if they do, they will become heroines from passers-by. This is probably a story about cultivating an inexistent self into a perfect heroine.
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Wild Explorer
  • Comedy
  • Mystery
A riffraff king with an arrogant personality, who accidentally crossed into a parallel space, turned into a crime squad agent. The huge change of identity caused him to turn the police station into trouble. However, a wicked adventure system has allowed him to solve strange cases repeatedly and become a detective! PS: Produced by Kuanghai…
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Mystery: the Outer God is Myself
  • Fantasy
  • Xuanhuan
Traveling through the world of the Lord of Mysteries and becoming the backing spirit of Klein the Fool, Lin Ruo, the senior traveler, rejected it in his heart. Fortunately, he still had the supernatural powers [truth and fallacy] he had acquired from the previous world. [Truth and Fallacy], rule-type supernatural powers, [Truth] can guide destiny,…
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Super Grandmaster of Dragonball
  • Action
  • Adventure
No matter how strong an ant is, it is only a stronger ant, unable to beat an elephant. Dragon Ball is a world that pays the most attention to bloodliness, and the blood is not enough. After nine deaths and thousands of years of cultivation, it is no better than other people’s newborn children. For…
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Naruto’s Law of Demons
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
My name is Yakushi Yu and I have traveled to the world of Naruto There is no blood line limit and no protagonist’s halo, what can I do, I am also desperate! I didn’t expect to accidentally awaken the demon inside Not only has the ability of thread fruit been obtained, but the created puppet…
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VRMMO: Create a BUG Every Ten Hours
  • Game
I missed a game helmet and dropped a golden finger! Su Bai has an extra progress bar that no one can see. Every 10 hours, he can create a BUG! For the first BUG, Su Bai entered the game more than ten hours ahead of global players! After all players enter the game, Su Bai…
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