He Only Likes Me

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Ji Mian was forced out of the family after his mother passed away and his father got married to someone else. He was attacked while traveling and suffered major injuries when he crashed in a Desolate Star spot.

He thought he would die on this Desolate Star, but he didn’t expect to wake up again covered with clean bedding and the smell of a hot meal permeating the humble house.

Ji Mian tilted his head, not far from him bent a handsome young Alpha, silently cooking soup.

Alpha named Chu Shiye, only the lowest level of E-Class Attack Power, if in the Capital Star, is regarded as a waste of general existence.

But his eyes are clean and pure, the pair of deep black eyes quietly looking at Ji Mian when, as if Ji Mian is his whole world.

So Ji Mian thought to himself that it would be good to stay here.

However, the good times did not last long when the Desolate Star was suddenly attacked and Ji Mian was separated from Chu Shiye in the chaos and was forcibly brought back to the Capital Star by his own family.

The Ji family locked him up for several days and forced him to marry another family.

At the engagement party, Ji Mian wanted to escape, but unexpectedly a shocking change occurred.

An army barged into the engagement site, led by a young Alpha in uniform, with a frosty face, walking straight towards Ji Mian.


Chu Shiye trapped Ji Mian in his arms, his eyes flushed red, fondly rubbed against the corner of his Omega’s forehead a few times, and said in a dumb voice.

“Finally, I found you.”

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