Sick Beauty and His Bamboo Horse Bodyguard

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After Sheng Jianan died, he transmigrated into a novel called “Childhood Sweetheart Can’t Defeat Heavenly Tribulation” and became the cannon fodder childhood friend with the same name who will die from an illness sooner or later.

On the day he transmigrated, the little cannon fodder was sitting on the ground, sick and weak, when he saw a soccer ball flying towards him. Sheng Jianan instinctively closed his eyes, but when he opened them again, he saw a handsome, cool and aloof boy using his back to block the ball for him under the light and shadow of the trees.

From then on, Jiang Chi took on the role of his bodyguard and they grew up together as intimate friends and childhood sweethearts.

After transmigrating, Sheng Jianan cherished this opportunity and decided to take good care of his health and live well. Jiang Chi was also very attentive to him, holding him carefully and afraid of dropping him, and keeping him in his mouth for fear of melting away.

The two of them were almost inseparable from childhood to adulthood, and all their classmates and friends would tease them as a couple, but over time everyone also knew that Jiang Chi was a straight man.

Sheng Jianan also knew that before meeting the destined protagonist, Jiang Chi was a true straight man who would retreat at the sight of gays. So he always kept his feelings hidden and stayed in his place.

When the protagonist appeared, Sheng Jianan silently packed his bags and left for a distant place.

However, what he didn’t know was that during the few days he disappeared, Jiang Chi searched the entire Xia City for him.

On the day he found him, Sheng Jianan was watching a handsome guy performing a strip tease on stage. Suddenly, a pair of familiar large hands covered his eyes and a sinister voice whispered in his ear, “Nannan, my body is better than his, why don’t you watch me instead?”

Sheng Jianan later learned that he had watched a harmful pirated fanfiction and in fact, Jiang Chi was the one who bent the straight man according to destiny.

Cold and sickly beauty shou X Extremely possessive and doting gong.

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