Mark Me
  • CH
  • Romance
  • School Life
  • Shounen Ai
There’s a well-known Alpha in No. 2 Middle School who should not be messed around. Sleeping inside the school and fighting outside the school. Jiang Huai has been ranked first on the list of “Which student do you want to kill the most?” by his teachers for many years and was the first on the…
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Mixed Miners
  • Romance
The gold mine silver mine diamond mine is almost weak, and the mysterious miners system is in hand. Although there is no manual and no elf, every day I am trying to find out, but my brother can dig it out. From the practice of meditation, alchemy materials, spaceships, and mechs, life is different. There…
Releases 2
Master Mixer [Rebirth]
  • Yaoi
In a gambling game, Lu Ming, who has just been awarded the title of actor, is brought into a stallion novel, a world of immortals respected by refining tools. There is also a cute (stupid) pet gifted by the system. The tragedy is that he turned out to be He Qingci, the first villain in…
Releases 1
Martial Mythology
  • Fantasy
  • Xuanhuan
A perfect exercise has created a mythology academy that makes the heavens and the world tremble. The invincible dean leads a group of teachers and students who are not afraid of the sky and earth to compose a myth together! When hundreds of millions of years have passed and he is no longer in the…
Releases 2
Movie Master
  • Urban Life
I want Hollywood to be the Hollywood I want – Lancelot Strelow His life was full of ups and downs, rebellious, and brilliant. No one can deny his excellence. With hundreds of millions of box office in his left hand and countless trophies in his right, even the most critical film critics have to lower…
Releases 2
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