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There’s a well-known Alpha in No. 2 Middle School who should not be messed around.

Sleeping inside the school and fighting outside the school. Jiang Huai has been ranked first on the list of “Which student do you want to kill the most?” by his teachers for many years and was the first on the poll of “Which Alpha in the school do you think is the most difficult to provoke?” recognized by the students of No. 2 Middle School.

It was said that Jiang Huai also forced the Omega he liked. The other person was nearly marked and was forced to transfer to another school.

However, such a well-known Alpha with bad behavior had an accident in the toilet. The other person saw him holding a syringe and pushing the Omega’s special pheromone inhibitor into his vein.

Jiang Huai has always been dissatisfied with the student named Bo Jian. Who has a rich family background, good looks, and smart. He ranked first on the list of “The Most Attractive Alpha” voted by the students of No. 2 Middle School and “The Alpha that the Whole School Wants to Socialize the Most”.

Bo Jian, this kind of attractive young man. Jiang Huai thought he could flip him over with one hand.

Until that day, in the men’s restroom. He was caught by Bo Jian when he was injecting his pheromone inhibitor.

He landed a punch on Bo Jian’s face and Bo Jian twisted his arms behind his back, his breath against his nape. “… Oh, you’re an Omega?”

During summer physical education class, before the next lesson.

Bo Jian was blocked by Jiang Huai. “I don’t want to use inhibitors. Do me a favor, and bite me.”

Bo Jian chuckled: “Why?”

Jiang Huai sniffed the cold smell of mint leaves like a snowy night in the air.

“You deliberately seduce me with pheromones.”

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