Zundu and fake toot?She formed a boy band in the cultivation world and became popular

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Ao Zhi wore it again, this time to her own world of immortality.

It’s just that the time was delayed to 1000 years after she was “confirmed by killing her wife”, and she was still possessed by the unpopular senior sister of a certain sect. Her spiritual roots were poached as soon as she came, and the system has not been updated to allow her to be in the body. Open an entertainment company in the world of immortality.

It doesn’t matter, she will help the original owner to avenge her, no matter what the elder sister of the Sword Sect, she doesn’t care! You are definitely No. 1 When you debut as a ghost cultivator!

I met a young medical practitioner whose engagement was broken off, and there was an old man with a ring to seduce him, no! The company is short of people! Hurry up and show off and sign someone!

She was worried that there was no Blue Star equipment in the world of cultivating immortals. A secret realm sucked her into it, so she was rude, and the secret realm was also included!

Now that people have equipment, we can do concerts, live broadcasts, and scarves!

As the company’s reputation spread far and wide, the injuries caused by the battle between the immortal cultivator and the demons were alleviated.

Big bosses in the world of immortality came to ask her who she was.

It was exactly 1000 years ago that the demon dragon Aozhi led the demon clan to cooperate with the human race to stir up the world of cultivation and drive away the demon clan!

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