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[There is a sand sculpture small theater + baggage review in Zuihua, which doubles the happiness]

Jian Mingzhou graduated from a prestigious school, has an outstanding appearance, is friendly, and looks perfect to outsiders.

But one thing is not known: he likes to watch Danmei.

After graduation, Jian Mingzhou lived alone and worked as an editor for a famous comic strip. To the outside world, he appeared to be a mature and steady adult, but in fact, the room where he lived alone was filled with his peers.

Until one day he received a call from his friend——

“My eldest nephew’s sports training camp is near your home. Isn’t it convenient for me to stay at your home for a while? ”

Jian Mingzhou: “How old is your nephew? ”

“It’s huge. ”

He bent down and slowly hid a room full of Danmei doujinshi.

The college student who came to stay overnight was named Xie Jing.

He is a sports student, tall, handsome, smart, and has many friends.

What satisfied Jian Mingzhou the most was that the other party had no desire to explore him.

He then let down his guard and developed his interests freely.

At a crowded fan exhibition.

As soon as Jian Mingzhou exited the stall, he turned around and bumped into Xie Jing, who was forcibly pulled away by his friend.

The doujinshi in the handbag is also quite eye-catching.

The two were silent for a few seconds.

Xie Jing: “Uncle. ”

Jian Mingzhou calmly interrupted: “Do you know what purchasing agency is… ”

Xie Jing: “The To sign is about to fall out. ”

Jian Mingzhou: “… ”

Jian Mingzhou: “Oh. Thanks. ”


Xie Jing has always been outstanding in appearance since he was a child. He seems to have good friends with everyone around him, but in fact he is not interested in anyone.

Until I saw Jian Mingzhou, who was six or seven years older than me and had red ears but maintained a calm face.

“Uncle, do you want to read the new Danmei comic I bought for you? ”

Xie Jing hugged him from behind: “We are living together in the next year. Don’t you want to do this? ”

“… Don’t smoke, go out. ”

[The bad-hearted dog fights in the new year x the inner drama is rich and calm]

——I was caught consuming BL by my cohabitant.

*Simple and sweet text, daily emotional flow.

*Let yourself go and adjust short stories for fun.

Everything is based on the author’s language habits and tastes. If there is anything you don’t like or can’t stand, please leave immediately without telling me.

*Set to be released by Danmei books.

[2023.9. 1 Screenshot of copywriting vb always attacks Ma Huzi_lvz] Purpose: Bravely understand yourself and accept yourself

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