You are the Supporting Role


The seductive woman’s body was ethereal, beautiful, and sweet.

No man would be able to come to his senses with that enchanting curvaceous figure in front of his eyes.

The man had his head bowed between her legs, sucking the honey from her shivering petals. The elastic tip of the tongue licked up the vagina long, and the swollen clitoris end was sucked. At the same time, his thick fingers went in and out of her vagina and dug inside. At that moment, her white body convulsed with terrible pleasure.

“Oh, no, no, no more!”

She begged, cried, and climaxed. But the man wasn’t satisfied with this.

He pushed his tongue into the twitching tunnel and began to lick to the inside of the convulsions.

Like a foolish bug that drowns in honey.

So he didn’t even notice.

The sly smile that rose to her delicate face, as she groaned beneath him.

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