Because of some coincidence, the leader of the imperial bodyguards who was supposed to be executed by “the death of a thousand cuts” —— the Yingnu, Xu Lingyun, became the Son of Heaven, Li Xiao’s storyteller, telling him the narrative inside “A Complete Overview of the Yu Dynasty.” Alongside Xu Lingyun’s narratives, Emperor Chengzu, Li Qingcheng’s life story gradually appeared inside Li Xiao’s mind: his misfortune on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival that made him have to leave the capital, the war against Xiongnus outside the Feng Pass, how he conquered the entire Xichuan area without costing him a single soldier, Qinwang’s imposing army’s decisive battle on the capital…

The written and oral history gradually come to an end, while those secrets buried inside the history reappear one after another. Xu Lingyun’s unexpected real identity, Li Xiao’s confusing experience, Emperor Chengzu’s Yingnu, Zhang Mu and Li Xiao’s hidden connection… Everything is quietly unveiled!

The history and narrative intertwine. Xu Lingyun and Li Xiao pursue one another, looking for themselves. In the end, during this turbulent era, amidst the golden spears, armored horses, and numerous fire beacons, who can stay loyal to themselves? Who can stay true to the truth? Who will get to obtain the rivers and mountains? And who will get to open up a new era?

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