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Li Xuange, a modern swordsman genius, entered the world of comprehensive martial arts. The martial arts stories he knew and didn’t know all happened in the same world, interacting and influencing each other.

Shuangqi Town replaced the sword with a sword, and witnessed the coldness and amazement of Yidao Xian killing the enemy with a single sword;

On the sword alone seeks defeat, understands the state of having moves, the state of no moves, the state of no sword, and the state of selflessness.

A real celebrity who is also mad and chivalrous, Zhang Danfeng, who can cry and sing out of vulgarity, shows the elegance of the sword, and is unparalleled among celebrities;

Kunlun Liang Xiao, the way of harmony, using numbers as swords, creating Zhou Liuxu, and the way of kendo with numbers, infinite calculations;

A sword comes to the west, and the fairy flies out of the sky. The sword of the sword fairy should transcend the world, and should not be enslaved by ambition and power;

What Ximen Chuuxue blows is not snow but blood. Without a woman, Ximen Chuuxue, every sword of his is like a magic pen. After having a woman, Ximen Chuuxue, all his swords have become dull, but for the last sword, it can be cut God slaughters demons, the ruthless sword may not be strong, and the sentient sword may not be weak;

The useless Aji is not useless, the sword god fell into the dust, but it is not a disappointment in life, because his sword is as smooth as his people, perfect like a piece of fragile porcelain, and to reach the extreme state of the sword, Need to taste the pain of adversity;

Thirteen swords are ordinary swords, fourteen are divine swords, and fifteen swords are magic swords. A sword that cannot be controlled by one move. Only by controlling the demons of the heart can one control the magic sword;


With sincerity in his heart, sincerity in his sword, and sincerity in himself, Li Xuange challenged all the great swordsmen in the world, gathered all kinds of true meanings of kendo, and finally became the unparalleled kendo in the world.

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