With hundreds of millions of points of metaphysics, the fake daughter got into a love show by going

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This article is also known as “After running away with a broken heart, the fake daughter does not blink an eye”, “I went crazy and you let it go, and the stupid guy turned back and broke into a love story”

After blocking the evil spirit of the real daughter of the Jiang family for 20 years, Shu, the fake daughter, and the real tool man Yao were ruthlessly kicked out of the house.

Sweeping away from morality and being herself, Shu Yao got rich by pretending to be crazy and selling bad things.

Others participated in Lianzong and spread sweets, but Shu Yao was in Lianzong, causing all kinds of evil.

One day, the program team arranged a surfing session.

Here, the delicate female guest is accidentally overturned by the waves, and the male guest hero saves her beauty;

Over there, the real daughter is full of good fortune, doing whatever she wants, gliding gracefully and charmingly;

As for Shu Yao, wherever she went, the sea water was forced to recede by the evil spirit. She meditated for a few seconds, looked at the seafood everywhere, decisively picked up the bucket on the shore, achieved freedom of seafood, and sold it for [-] yuan.


One day, Shu Yao was eating while reading comments from anti-fans.

Netizen A: [It’s disgusting to stick up to the best actor]

Netizen B: [Not popular, but quite fond of gossiping]

Shu Yao immediately nuzzled up to Shi Yi’an with a smile on her face: “Best actor, let me nuzzle you. ”

At noon the next day, Shu Yao sighed: “The old man is angry. I really can’t mess with him. ”

Then I picked up my phone and found out that there was an explosive hot search: #Shiyianshuyaozhencouple#

The entry comes from a clarification message from Shi Yi’an last night: Only true lovers should avoid suspicion.

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