Why Secretary Kim


Lee Youngjun, this narcissistic capable man, was the vice president of Yuil Group and was well-known for his good looks.

His life went by without any hurdles, thanks to his personal secretary/assistant, who had always been so heedful with his businesses. She was a beautiful woman with perfect looks and abilities named Kim Miso.

She had worked for 9 years as his secretary, although the woman also served as his personal driver from time to time.

Howbeit, Kim Miso resigned suddenly. When being asked why, Miso said that she wanted to find herself a life-long partner (marriage partner).

Lee Youngjun didn’t accept that reason. He presented a brilliant solution so that the woman didn’t need to resign from her job: he offered himself to be Kim Miso’s husband.

But, was it really Miso’s true reason for her resign?

Or, was there anything else the woman was hiding? (Creds: Fei斐)

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