Who wouldn’t make money now that they’ve all ascended?

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In the fifteenth year after Jiang Su entered the world of cultivation, he became the world’s number one medical practitioner and ascended to the throne under the spotlight.

The upper world is different from what she imagined. She thought she was a leader in all walks of life, and she never thought of catching a lot of fish that slipped through the net of quality education. The most important thing was the difference in currency, and she became poor again!

I went to sell medicine on the black market and was tricked. I was forced to pick up a second-generation fairy to raise!

It costs money to live in a cave, it costs money to raise a cub, and the medicinal materials for making elixirs are extremely expensive. If you want to develop your own way, you still need to engage in innovation and entrepreneurship?

As a medical practitioner, she decided… to develop alchemy and weapon refining at the same time, and create medical equipment! Sell ​​high price! Make a fortune!

All gods and Buddhas said: “This girl can come under my seat, and she will be called Qingzhu Medical Immortal. ”

Jiang Su: “Grandpa God of Wealth, my granddaughter will give you a kowtow! ”

Jiang Su once made a lot of friends in the lower realm, but unfortunately once he ascended, he landed at a random place and could not see a single friend for three to five years.

She has been waiting for an old friend of hers.

small theater

Jiang Su was dragged to play in Hehuan Building. Among a group of beautiful men, he saw an eight-foot-tall red monk cleaning a knife at the door.

Jiang Su: “It’s just you, the one in red, come here and feed me! ”

The red monk was startled, and then he obediently picked up the spoon.

Jiang Su: “Unfortunately, you are not him. ”

One day, she ordered the red monk again. Unexpectedly, the man directly picked her up from the soft chair, put her on his shoulders and took her away.

“Susu, don’t go to the land of wind and moon again, you are still young. ”

The evil and irritable little doctor cultivator x the calm and taciturn big sword cultivator, updated daily.

Put your career first! The emotional line is second! The hero will appear later!

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