When You Go Ashore To File For Divorce, My Background Is Beyond Your Reach.

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“Chen Yu, we have gone further and further away. I… let’s get a divorce… ”

After Chen Yu’s career encountered a crisis and his wife Lin Manman successfully passed the exam, Lin Manman took out the divorce agreement.

Chen Yu, who had been mentally prepared for the divorce, said nothing and directly signed his name on the divorce agreement.

“Chen Yu, after the factory closes down, go back to your hometown and take a job examination. Don’t mess around anymore. ”

Faced with the advice given by his ex-wife, Chen Yu laughed it off.

The next morning, Chen Yu and Lin Manman registered for divorce with the then school beauty Su Ruowei.

Just when Chen Yu was about to leave the Civil Affairs Bureau with the divorce certificate, Su Ruowei chased him out, “Chen Yu, I want to marry you, will you marry me? ”

Chen Yu: “Stop joking. ”

Su Ruowei stood on tiptoes, held Chen Yu’s cheeks with both hands, and kissed her, “Do you still think I’m joking now? ”

Chen Yu: “… ”

At noon, Su Ruowei returned to the Civil Affairs Bureau to work overtime and received her marriage certificate with Chen Yu.

As soon as they got married, the crisis in Chen Yu’s clothing factory was lifted…

In the days that followed, everything Chen Yu did went smoothly. People in the business world and official circles were all very friendly to Chen Yu.

Chen Yu felt a little weird for a while. How come these people from the upper class became so easy to talk to and were so kind to him?

It wasn’t until one day that Chen Yu found out who his father-in-law was… that Chen Yu understood everything.

It turned out that after divorcing Lin Manman that day, the person who went back to him to get the certificate was actually the daughter of…

One day, Lin Manman came to the door and said, “Xiaoyu, let’s… remarry… “

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