When Everyone Suspects the Haunted House

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Lu Yu from the slums was suddenly told that he was actually the youngest son of the wealthy Lu family in Yanjing. Orphaned since he was a child, he longed for a family and returned to Lu’s family full of expectations.

His parents frowned at him, and his elder brother told him over and over again: don’t fight with Lu Li.

And Lu Li, the fake young master of the Lu family who had taken his identity for twenty years, locked him in a haunted house full of horrible creatures for two full days. When he was on the verge of death, he sacrificed his soul and body to the spirit of the haunted house.

Since then, this haunted house, known for its long history, horror and treachery has become a reality.

Fu Yunchao, the second youngest of the Fu family, strayed into the world of infinite flow when he was twenty-four years old. Three years later, he climbed up from hell covered in evil spirits. During those three years lying on the bed like a dead person, both parents of the Fu family died in a car accident. The eldest brother fell off a cliff and his body has not been found so far. His uncle took power easily.

His uncle looked at the man who was physically disabled and pale after waking up, and waved his hand: “The Fu family has suffered a lot this year, and the Lu and Fu families are married. You should marry the young master of the Lu family, Lu Yu.”

A few days later in the Lu family manor, Fu Yunchao was sitting in a wheelchair, and Lu Yu leaned over to look at him.

The two looked at each other, their eyes were like abyss, and there was a smile on their lips.

Why do they seem to smell the same kind of breath?


Everyone thought that Fu Yunchao was disabled for half his life and couldn’t make a big change, and Lu Yu was cowardly and docile.

It wasn’t until the uncles of the Fu family went to prison, the arrogant young master of the Lu family had his mask torn off and wept bitterly, and the former Yanjing wealthy family was trampled underfoot, that everyone suddenly realized—who the hell thought that!

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