What to Do If I Am Caught by A Paranoid Gong


Mi Dao is a game scriptwriter and a man who loves men.

Every time he writes a game, he will entrain private goods and put the persona of his crush on an important role, and add a variety of sexual thoughts.

These sexual thoughts include but are not limited to: blackening, jealousy, Shura Field, “beep——” and “beep——”.

Until one day, Mi Dao accidentally transmigrated and also accidentally increased the favorability of important characters.

As a result, he was unable to collapse. He could only pretend to be aggrieved and cry “no” while listening to all kinds of what his crush said to him:

“Brother, I don’t allow you to leave me anymore.”

“Everything about you is mine.”

“I can give you everything except freedom.”

Ah, Ah, Ah, what is this amazing joy that God has unfolded, ah, ah, ah!!!

Afterward, Mi Dao groaned on the bedside with a lollipop dangling in his mouth:

“Ask another. Asking is happiness.”

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