What did you say? Am I a pauper again?

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[Quick wear + 1v1 + sweet pet + strong female]

Jing Yuanzhi is an orphan. After working hard for half his life, he realizes that he is just an unknown supporting character in a Mary Sue novel, the kind that only appears once.

Just when she was successful and ready to enjoy life, she was crushed to death by a car, or was crushed to pieces by five cars. Who was more miserable than her?

Let’s just forget about crushing her to death. The four male protagonists also thought that her body was too hard and hindered their pursuit of the female protagonist. It’s okay if I didn’t apologize at all afterwards. Just because the heroine thought she was too delicate and pretty, she cried and asked whether the male protagonists didn’t catch up with her in time because of her good looks. In fact, it was only five or six minutes late.

As a result, the blind male protagonists threw her body (a pile of minced meat) into the men’s public toilet, but she was still powerless.

Jing Yuanzhi’s soul with nowhere to go was picked up by a Pixiu with impure blood. He said that if he helped him make enough money, he would give her a new life and let her take revenge.

The simple and ignorant Jing Yuanzhi fell into the evil trap of capital, and from then on, he was insulated from money.

The male protagonist is weak and helpless in the early stage, but in the later stage he is a boss, above ten thousand people, and inferior to the female protagonist.

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