What a blast!Boss, she is slapping her face like crazy again

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In order to save all people, he sacrificed his body to heaven,

Zhong Nianyao felt that she was really going to disappear into ashes. Unexpectedly, when she opened her eyes again, she would actually become the daughter of the Zhong family in the imperial capital.

In her previous life, because she was the national counselor of the Li Kingdom, she had been thinking and thinking all day long, and in the end, she was willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of all people.

Given the opportunity to live her life again, she decided to live her life freely and freely.

Zhong Nianyao, the youngest daughter of the Zhong family, is a famous good-for-nothing in the imperial capital. She is not good at anything and spends the most money.

The most talked about thing is that Zhong Nianyao has always been obsessed with Li Jingming, the eldest son of the Li family, and even jumped into the river just for Li Jingming’s words.

Afterwards, people were surprised to find that Zhong Nianyao had changed. She no longer chased Li Jingming, but started setting up a stall on the overpass. At this time, everyone said that Zhong Nianyao was crazy.

Only later—

The real estate tycoon held the black card and begged Zhong Nianyao to tell her fortune.

The famous movie star hugged her thigh and shouted for help

Even famous old artists held up their works and begged Zhong Nianyao to show him Feng Shui.

Zhong Nianyao didn’t expect that she was just returning to her old profession. How could she become a master just by doing it? Obviously she has always wanted to keep a low profile!

Just when she was puzzled, a man with an exquisite face that looked like a demon hugged her from behind. His deep voice was seductive, “Madam, let’s see when we can hold the baby. ” ! ”

Zhong Nianyao glanced at the man, and then said “Go away——”

(The yandere boss VS the magician daughter, Shuang Jie, if you like it, hurry up and join the trap! ! )

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