Werewolf: At The Beginning, The Witch Destroyed The World And Shocked The World

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Don’t be afraid of the dark night, fight to become a god!

Ye Xi, reborn at the WPL2021 Werewolf World Finals, started with hell difficulty, a substitute life and death game!

Dan Ning’er, the head coach of Yanyu Jiangnan: “Ye Xi, just hold on steady. To prevent being pushed out of the game in the early stage, hold on steady! ! ”

Ye Xi: “Hey! ”

However, at this moment, he suddenly awakened the werewolf game prompt system. Just one minute after the game started, Ye Xi went crazy!

[On the first night, No. 2 Werewolf chose to kill himself, and No. 6’S trump card was the White Wolf King! 】

He had a witch card in his hand, and he didn’t save anything at the beginning but counterattacked with poison. The Wolves were instantly stunned and shocked the stadium!

[Qianqiu faction Gu Beifeng’s trump card at position 9 is guard, and tonight he chooses to guard No. 8 Baishen! 】

He stabbed directly and decisively, guarding Yinhen Northwest, the wolf team exploded with swords, and Gu Beifeng shut himself up on the spot!

He is a demon-hunting madman who turns the Wolves into a skewer in an instant. His bug-like “card-squeezing” operation is studied by the entire Internet!

In the World Wolf King Competition, he faced off against the first generation Wolf King JK.

Commentator Xiaolu: “JK is basically invincible with the wolf. He was previously invincible with the Yin-Yang Deepwater Barb Wolf, and he was directly included in the top ten famous scenes of the WPL Werewolf Competition! ”

[JK’s trump card No. 3 Is Gargoyle, he checks that your trump card is Dream Catcher! 】

Ye Xi directly hit the gargoyle and took away JK with his backhand.

JK, the ace of the Wolves, was instantly confused: “? ? ! ”

Commentator: “Is this really just a substitute? ”

The first battle was a famous battle, winning the WPL world championship directly shocked the world!

Please close your eyes when it gets dark! !

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