Weirdness invades the world, me! Good luck to the sky!

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Story of: Weirdness invades the world, me! Good luck to the sky!

[Invincible + Apocalyptic Survival + The Arrival of the Weird + Fortune + Horror and Funny + Decisive Killing + No Virgin + Single Female Protagonist] Have you ever thought that the weird is another species? After the ninth disaster star Zhang Hongyun was reborn, he activated the Good Luck Qitian System. This system rejects all bells and whistles and directly caps it in place, making the host’s luck value +9999999999! While others were still struggling to survive, Zhang Hongyun plunged into the mysterious world! The Blood Lake of Ten Thousand Burials accepted a cute and weird lolita, and he became the president of Lingshou Building… The Dead Man Lotto with a mortality rate of 99.9999999999999% made him win a trillion ghost coins! If you have money, you can make ghosts grind mills, hire Yin soldiers to clear the way, trick kings to carry sedans, and charming ghosts and fierce maids. You don’t have to struggle to survive, and you are destined to be rich and prosperous. In order to make up for his regret of losing his parents, his wife decisively gave him the 108th baby, the lovely Beibi. What? I am one of the most deceitful people in the world of deceptions. You want me to return to the human world? I will activate the four semi-trailers in the front and the eight in the rear to kill you! … At the same time, as the integration of the two worlds deepened, more terrifying and strange events emerged one after another. Thousands of miles of mass graves, urban ghost stories, the last bus at midnight, the haunted baby field, the Silent Soul Ridge… But these horrific weirdnesses had no threat in front of Zhang Hongyun. Facing Zhang Hongyun, who is extremely lucky and wealthy, they all seem to have become clowns. “Stop pretending to be a fool, just tell me, how much money? 10 Million… 20 million? Is it enough? Huh? ” “Okay, you don’t like money, right? Just stand there and don’t move, wait for me to get in the car.

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