Wei Palace


Geonwoon, son of the Imperial Princess Yeonwha, is raised to become the heir apparent after the untimely passing of his mother. But as fate would have it, his position was stolen by Gyeonghwi. After his ruthless and tyrannical rise to power, Gyeonghwi confines the former heir in the Wei Palace instead of disposing of him.

Imprisoned, Geonwoon attempts to take his life several times, but when the emperor threatens him with the lives of his relatives, Geonwoon has no other choice but to prolong his existence.

One day, Gyeonghwi unveils his monstrous desires and ravishes Geonwoon by force, trying to earn his heart in the process.

Will Geonwoon’s firmly closed heart open up?

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Nov 4, 2022wordexcerpt
Nov 4, 2022wordexcerpt
Nov 4, 2022wordexcerpt
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