We Promised To Be A Reborn Empress, So Why Did She Become My Bitch?

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My name is Xu Anyan. In my last life, I walked out of Blue Star, stepped into the starry sky, achieved the throne of emperor, and suppressed the sky.

After my death, I was reborn and bound to the [Comparison System] with the boy who stayed at my house.

Every once in a while, the system will conduct a strength comparison between the two sides.

If I win, I can get a lot of resource rewards and accelerate my development.

If I lose, I will go on [Dog Licking Adventure].

I have absolute confidence in myself, and the latter situation will never happen.

The first comparison… I actually lost?

Make him breakfast for five consecutive days, including at least one love omelette… If the other person’s satisfaction is high enough, you can get a compensation reward?

Okay, barely acceptable.

In the second comparison, I lost again? Give him a massage?

In the third comparison, I lost again? Confess in front of everyone?

The fourth comparison… Inviting for a kiss? ? No, I have to talk to him, he can’t get stronger anymore!

My name is Su Yuan, a time traveler with a system, staying at the home of my mother’s best friend Aunt Xu.

Aunt Xu has a daughter who is a well-known and cold school beauty. She has a cold face and is extremely cold to everyone. She has lived together for a year and has only spoken to me a handful of times.

But starting from one day, she went out of her way and made me a loving breakfast, helped me relax and massaged me after practicing, and in the end she even openly confessed her love to me.

But when she did this, she still had a cold face, as if she was very reluctant.

what is this? The birth of a new species, the cold licking dog?

Until one day, she came to my room in the middle of the night…

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