Warm Water Spirits

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Afterward, Peizhe’s broad shoulders were covered with a fine layer of snow.

A somewhat oppressive and tingly kiss that one loathed to part with.

Peizhe pressed his lips against the corner of Jiang Yunqi’s moist and warm lips, whispering, “Jiang Yunqi, I’ve given you a chance.”

Jiang Yunqi looked up. He didn’t understand and subconsciously stretched out the tip of his tongue to lick Peizhe’s slightly cool lips.

Dark eyes looked into Jiang Yunqi’s. Peizhe closed his eyes and kissed those lips fiercely again.

The force of the attack made Jaing Yunqi’s legs go weak.

The traces in the snow were easiest to follow.

A person with deeply etched footprints, clear directions and clear goals was glad that he had firmly grasped what he wanted before the arrival of the next snow.


When there are many people, Jiang Yunqi: Face expressionless. Silence is golden. Don’t cue* me. Don’t cue* me. Don’t cue* me.

When Jiang Yunqi is facing Peizhe: Pei ge, do you want to listen to comic dialogue? Pei ge, am I your baby?”

A talented player in gaming world who doesn’t get close to strangers and just wants to be Pei gege’s little kitten(little milk cat)* at home Shou – Jiang Yunqi

Mature and steady Gong – Pei Zhe

(小奶猫 Little milk cat: New born baby cat. When used for a person, it refers to characteristics like, being cute, clingy, wanting to be pampered, petted, taken care of etc. like a new born baby cat. lol)

(*Cue: cue was originally written in English. It’s Chinese internet slang: Don’t cue me= don’t mention me; don’t pay attention to me, etc.)

The gong is older than shou by 15 years

[There are many private gaming parts but it doesn’t affect reading. The core is similar to PUBG.]

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