Villain: The Forbidden Son Of God! I Hunt The Avenue Of Destiny

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[Villain + Invincible Background + Side Push and Crush Flow + Not the Holy Mother]

The forbidden area of ​​time and space, the burial place of time and space.

The Son of God in the Forbidden Zone, Kong Wu Dao, was voluntarily sealed in the Tianshan Mountains of Time and Space because he was an invincible genius in the era of destruction and realized that his life was boring.

Countless epochs later, the great road changed, the heavens entered the era of recovery, and countless people who defied the heavens were born one after another.

When Kong Wudao woke up again, a voice claiming to be a system suddenly sounded: [Ding! The hunting system of the heavens wakes up, helping the host to become a hunter in the heavens, invincible in the heavens! 】

Kong Wudao smiled faintly: “Invincible to the heavens? My own natural talent and strength are enough to be invincible, not to mention that I have countless ancestors backed by the time and space restricted area. ”

“My grandfather and many ancestors have transcended this world, system? What is the use of a useless pendant? ”

system: … .

[The system begins to blacken and upgrade itself! The upgrade of the god-level hunting system in the heavens is completed! 】

[It has been detected that ordinary people with destiny are not enough to become the master’s prey, and the three thousand avenues have been included in the scope of hunting! 】

[Congratulations to the owner for obtaining 306 Hongmeng Dao Bones! 】

[Swallow the blood of gods and demons! 】

[Innate spiritual treasure, universal divine weapon! 】

[Master, there is no need to worry about the backlash of luck, because master, you are the hunter of the entire universe! 】

… … …

The Destiny Emperor: He was finally reincarnated. He thought he could return to the top, but he was actually taken as prey by Kong Wudao!

A powerful person in a certain game: Damn it! You are relying on the taboos of the heavens! Why are you so invincible?

A certain yandere girl of destiny: I wish to be the sword of the Son of God and cut off everything for the Son of God!

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