Villain: Killing all the Heroines – Plot Collapsed!


In a world where the aura has manifested and thousands of races have descended, Gu Changsheng transmigrated to become a villain.

He thought that he couldn’t change his fate, when he activated the ‘Heroine Killing System’. As long as he kills the heroines of the novel, he will be able to get rich rewards.

As a result, Gu Changsheng became a villain who will shroud in the darkness and slaughter all the heroines.

Cold School Beauty? Killed!

Intellectual Teacher? Killed!

Gu Changsheng even killed the ultimate boss – the Empress in red!

However, what awaited him in the end was returned to the beginning. But… Strangely enough all the heroines seem to be afraid of him, as if he was some kind of demon.

Gu Changsheng: “Why are you running away? I won’t kill you, right?”

Heroines: “Yes, you will!”

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