Villain: Heroine, Get Out Of Here! The Devil Sister Is The Most Fragrant

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[High martial arts + incredible understanding + book penetration + sister group pet + mythical revival + decisive killing + dog-abusing male and female protagonists]

Su Yan traveled through a world mixed with many urban novels and became a top-level villain.

My predecessor was chasing the green tea heroine Shen Xiaoran, but ended up becoming enemies with the male protagonist Jiang Chen, and was plotted against by the heroine.

He doesn’t hesitate to empty out the Su family’s assets and break up with his relatives to please the heroine.

After he became useless, he was beaten to a disability by the two men, which triggered a fight between the Su family and the male protagonist.

In the end, losing to the halo of the male protagonist, Wu Zun’s father, Wu Shen Grandpa, and the seven geniuses and big devil sisters died tragically one after another.

Fortunately, everything hasn’t started yet when we cross the node. Thinking of the future plot, Su Yan doesn’t want to die, let alone see the dog hero and heroine stepping on him to get the upper hand in the Su family!

At the critical moment, the villain system is awakened, and the understanding at the beginning is incredible!

[You lament your own weakness, watch the sky at night, watch the stars and rivers rotate, wander around in the world, and understand the holy realm body training method: Star Body Training Technique]

[You read hundreds of scriptures, thousands of sword techniques, and create your own emperor-level sword technique: Great Chaos Thunder Slash]

Incredible understanding! What else do you want with a cool green tea heroine?

You must choose the devil sister?

The reincarnation of the empress, one body with two souls, a genius doctor, a stunning killer…

Lead the sisters along the way, rise in troubled times, and crush the children of good fortune.

When they ascended to the throne hand in hand, the heroine was left with endless tears and regret for the nth time!

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