Villain: After I failed, the heroine came after me

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Fang Chen found himself traveling through time in a fantasy novel and becoming the villain, the Son.

The villain usually has good talent, strong background, and high status. He has a Taoist physique and is the Holy Son of Yuntian Holy Land. One person is inferior to ten thousand people.

He is also devoted and has been pursuing the heroine Lin Luowei and is devoted to her. However, the heroine mistakenly thought that he was the enemy of the genocide and was extremely disgusted with him. She also abducted him because of the hero’s carefully planned heroic rescue of the beauty.

Fang Chen: “With such good conditions, why don’t you learn well and act like a licking dog? ”

At the same time, Fang Chen obtained the system.

In more than half a month, he directly broke through a major realm and his cultivation level increased greatly.

The heroine unexpectedly heard Fang Chen’s voice and discovered that Fang Chen was not the enemy who destroyed the clan, but was his savior, and the real enemy turned out to be the hero’s father. The heroine’s premise collapsed, and Fang Chen’s attitude changed 180 degrees.

Fang Chen’s poor performance meant that the male protagonist had no one to suppress him, and he lost a lot of opportunities to improve himself. The pretentiousness of the normal plot was slapped in the face.

Hostess: “Fang Chen, I misunderstood you. I want to be the woman behind you and protect you from wind and rain! ”

Male protagonist: “30 years in Hedong, 30 years in Hexi. Don’t bully young people into poverty. Anyone who bullies me will pay the price! ”

Fang Chen: “Hero and heroine, please stay away from me, I will destroy you! ”

After the show was over, Fang Chen discovered that the characters of the male and female protagonists had collapsed!

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