Versatile Mage: The background is too invincible and the system is crazy

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Zhang Tian came to be a full-time mage and was reincarnated into a reclusive family with a distinguished background!

At the same time, he was an only child!

His family loves him so much!

Give whatever you want!

“Compared with me, who has more money? Sorry, money is just a series of numbers in front of me. ”

“Compare me to my family background? My father just made a phone call, and a family that has stood for hundreds of years has disappeared. ”

“Comparing strength with me? I get angry when you talk about this. There is a Sabi system that gives me rewards desperately. Do you think this is irritating? I just want to be a salted fish, enjoy life, and inherit the family business. So is it hard? ”

With his background, does he still need the system?

After that, Zhang Tian refused to bind the system. Who knows what system this is? What if it’s a crappy system?

Dog licking system? A system that will kill the owner if the task is not completed?

That’s why he won’t bind!

But the system was suddenly upgraded!

[The system upgrade is successful. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the god-level mission system, which has been automatically bound to the host! 】

God-level mission system: “Invite the host to the playground, and the reward… ”

Zhang Tian: Are you teaching me how to do things?

Then, he walked towards the office building.

God-level mission system: “The mission has been changed, go to the office building, congratulations to the host for getting the reward… ”

Zhang Tian: “? ! ”

System, do you have any serious illness?


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