Universal Job Transfer: I Can See The Success Rate Of Strengthening The Division

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[National job transfer + system + no female protagonist + strengthening teacher + semi-digitalization]

(There are many data panels, so don’t look at them. Weapons and equipment all have panels, and panels will appear after strengthening, so if you care about data, don’t click or look at them)

Three hundred years ago, major changes occurred in Blue Star. The unknown domain door opened and monsters were rampant. The human race experienced hardships and obstacles before gaining a living space.

However, among the four or nine heavenly beings, one of them escaped, and the divine stone fell from the sky.

Each country has obtained a sacred stone. Through this sacred stone, it can awaken its profession and use it to fight against domain monsters.

In order to protect the human race, everyone will gain abilities at the age of eighteen

Only by becoming a job changer and constantly upgrading can you have hope of survival!

Lin Mo, who wanted to go to the front line, became a silver reinforcement engineer, a logistics worker who could not go to the battlefield.

Lin Mo, who had no hope at all, was bound to the invincible reinforcement system.

He can actually see the success rate of strengthening!

An enhanced and error-free Great Master was born, but the price is a bit high

Long Sword +999: Braving the colorful light, slash out ten thousand meters of Saber Qi with one sword.

Pistol +999: One shot creates a mushroom cloud

Grenade +999: No one survives within 10, 000 meters.

Lin Mo: Actually, I am really just an enhancer, but the level of the enhanced things is a bit high.

Eagle Sauce: What? Dragon Kingdom actually has +21 weapons?

Neon: Why can’t we break his defense?

Brown Bear: We are still fighting against the disaster-level domain gate, and they just closed the disaster-level domain gate?

Hua Guo: Take him to the next location quickly and strive to be 100 million steps faster than others.

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