Under one person, starting from the King of Thunder and Lightning

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In the world of one person, Zhang Xuanzhen added the template of the ancient ten fierce thunder emperors, and the old master Zhang Zhiwei commented: “I would like to call it the strongest thunder method in this world. ”

At Luo Tian Dajiao, Zhang Lingyu Yin Wulei released Yin Dun Wanlei Purgatory Prison and almost took Zhang Chulan away in a wave. Facing the title of Xuanlei Taoist given by the world, he said: “My level is not as good as my senior brother Zhang Xuanzhen. One percent, do you know the crushing feeling of being tortured by a thunderbolt and lightning for five consecutive whips for one month in a row? ”

Wang Ye: “In the interior scene, I couldn’t see Henry Zhang’s life trajectory. When I hesitated to look at the huge fireball like the sun, my subconscious told me that if I really touched it, Henry Zhang would definitely sit at the child’s table and eat me. ”

Gong Qing: “Although I know that there are ghosts in Quanxing, I didn’t expect that there would be so many ghosts in Luo Tian Dajiao’s operation, but everything is worth it, at least let Fafa be the guy who is more terrifying than the old heavenly master Show Feng Shui, let the company pay more attention to Tianshi Mansion. ”

Muyou, one of the ten men: “Zhang Xuanzhen killed Wang Ai, one of the ten men, without authorization. How about abolishing him? ”

Director Zhao: “Through the internal voting of the ten men, one vote of Zhang Xuanzhen was abolished, and eight votes against, Zhang Xuanzhen was declared innocent, and Wang Ai was replaced as the new ten men. The original ten men were replaced by Bai Xiaosheng Sikong Xing. ”

On the top of Mount Tai, the world’s top aliens, countless dignitaries witnessed the Thunder King Zhang Xuanzhen Zhou Shen’s thunder raged, the torrent of lightning particles rushed into the sky, the gate of heaven was broken, and he really soared.

World: under one person, covering the sky, perfect world, master…

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