Unchanged Samurai In Another World


This is the tale of a samurai who, with no special abilities or cheats, is suddenly transported to a world of swords and magic. Despite being unfamiliar with this new world, the samurai refuses to compromise his bushido code and seeks out worthy opponents to fight. However, finding someone who can match his full strength proves to be difficult, and the samurai prays to the gods for a challenging enemy.

As the samurai navigates this new world, he encounters various creatures and people, including goblins, guild masters, and nobles. Despite his initial skepticism, the samurai learns about the existence of magic, dungeons, and different races that inhabit the world. Along the way, he finds himself questioning his principles and values, and whether they can remain unchanged in this fantastical world.

Will he be able to maintain his strict adherence to his bushido code? Or will the temptations of this foreign world lead him astray? Follow the samurai’s journey and discover the answer for yourself, as he encounters new allies and enemies, learns about the magical aspects of this world, and ultimately discovers what it truly means to be a warrior.

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