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    Long: I think this one is a bit cliche, especially with the whole “he’s pretty demonic”-thing going on in the beginning. He’s not like a typical soldier in every means, even if he’s unknowingly in love with Little Yuan from the first glance. But aside from that, he’s a pretty good guy, I think.

    Little Yuan: At first I didn’t know what to think of him. His personality wasn’t portraied well enough for me to like him, hate him or feel anything else towards him. But I kind of like him now, even though explaining his personality would be hard for me.

    Second couple: They are just a normal, cute couple. I like them but they don’t have that much of a outstanding personality.

    Third couple: I haven’t read that much because I’m only in chapter 101 (even after reading for 6 hours straight), but I hope Wen Bin doesn’t die and his Gong finally realizes that he’s in love with him.

    I like this novel in generall very much and would recommend reading it to anyone, even to People who aren’t that much interested in BL, because aside fom a few kisses there isn’t any sexual content ’til now and so it’s suitable for any reader.

    But I have to say, that the writing makes it nearly impossible for the reader to become really close to the characters. Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t cry even when everyone in there died in the last chapter. I probably would be a bit sad and then move on, but they can’t capture my heart. However, that has nothing do with the characters but with the writing style. It isn’t bad, it’s pretty good, but I’m used to long explanations, many details and a lot of hidden thoughts of the characters which are used to let the reader understand them better. And in some other novels the characters express their feelings obviously so you can grasp their emotions and thoughts very easily, but in this one they don’t. That’s probably the reason why I can only vaguely describe my feelings towards every couple. But that’s probably only my feeling and I still like to read it.

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