Troubled Times: Added six doors at the beginning, pushing the world horizontally

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[Wu Ding Qian Kun rejuvenates the country’s fortune, boxing the mountains and rivers to level the world! 】

After being killed accidentally, Shen alone travels through the game world of “The Great Martial Arts Player” and becomes a policeman with six doors. This world integrates countless martial arts backgrounds, there are emperors looking forward to the spirit, chatting and laughing to kill people, there are sword gods who are unparalleled in the world, there are beggar gang masters who subdue dragons, and there are people who are invincible with flying knives.

Dao Heart Seed Demon… Sunflower Collection… Nine Suns Magic Art… Tathagata God Palm… Dugu Nine Swords… Heavenly Flying Immortal… Beiming Magic Art… Sizhao Magic Art… Lianhua Baojian… Four doors on the screen.

The time is troubled, and countries are fighting for hegemony.

He went out of the yamen and entered the rivers and lakes. He is the god of the six gates, the master of the devil sect in the rivers and lakes, the horse rides the rivers and lakes, the sword hangs in the world, and he is also the king of the imperial court, nine thousand years old!

Holding a knife and hanging wine on his waist, the young man strode forward and said “Jianghu”. He walked through troubled times and lived up to the name of a hero.

“My name is Shen Du, and I am the only one who respects me alone! ”

A golden knife secures the world, and two fists control the three rivers and five mountains. Whether the world is chaotic or not, it depends on my will!

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