Traveling through: I rely on space to raise the sick Wei Wang

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In the last days, Xu Ruqing, who was holding a machine gun and fighting bloody zombies, miraculously passed through in the blink of an eye!

She, as a post-apocalyptic special soldier of the 31st century, possesses both civil and military skills and excellent medical skills, she once passed through the body of a daughter of a prime minister with the same name and surname as her own, and she transformed into a wicked woman, not to mention marrying like a dog. She became the concubine of the crippled King Wei, and somehow she had an extra baby son!

He, the high and powerful King Wei, the famous God of War of the Eastern Yuan Kingdom, possesses power over the world and looks handsome, but he is the villain who people say is a villain who does all kinds of evil, the smiling Hades who looks intimidated…

He loved her like this to the bone, but she mistakenly thought that it was just a well-planned conspiracy from beginning to end.

He said: A man is good at kung fu, but a wife can’t run away.

Xu Ruqing looked up and down the man with crippled legs with those seductive eyes mockingly, the meaning in those eyes couldn’t be more obvious.

A certain prince smiled instead of anger: Why, isn’t Qinger unwilling?

Xu Ruqing sneered disdainfully: I don’t like people who are incompetent in that area, my lord, let’s not date!

A certain prince was angry, and pulled the stubborn person: It seems that Qinger has listened to the rumors outside again, is she incompetent, this prince wants to prove himself!

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Novel keywords: Time Travel: I Rely on Space to Raise the Sick King Wei No pop-up window, Traveling: I Rely on Space to Raise the Sick King Wei.

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