Transmigrated Back Into the Female Lead of an Abusive Novel and Have a HE with the Villain


What should the experienced talent do when they transmigrate back into the female lead of an old, abusive, and dog blood novel?

Xie Zhiyi: Thanks for the invitation.

Of course, the former greasy boss and the white lotus female pair were abused out of the sky.

Besides the aforementioned operations, in order to gather enough system regulations of the million blackened value, you can also use the villain as a signal tower to absorb the experience value.

Thus, Xie Zhiyi found the big villain who had a terrible relationship with her in the past life, the crown prince of the Chi family.

The big villain had a fierce face: “What is it.”

Xie Zhiyi stretched out her hand: “Reconcile, right?”

The man who was still Bking last second instantly had reddened ears: “Who said you could touch my hand?”

It is known that when in physical contact with the villain, the absorption flow rate can be as high as 10/sec.

Xie Zhiyi pondered: Wouldn’t it be faster to hug a little?

Since Chi Lin does not allow any contact, she will go find someone else. 🙂

Later, someone saw that the crown prince stopped the college’s newest goddess.

Chi Lin’s facial expression was fierce, but he lowered his head in front of her: “Still, there are faster ones…want one?”

[An unemotional, sand carved beauty x an explosive tsundere who is jealous every day, secretly in love, and extremely supporting the biking]

Bking: a person who does cool things effortlessly, or everything they do is unusually cool

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