Time travel story: Old lady Shenhao, I am wicked and crazy

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The retired boss of the Fast Travel Bureau, the old lady Nan Lingyi was re-employed, and traveled through the cultural world of the era when prices have depreciated millions of times.

A super luxury villa, 10 yuan.

A luxury car, 5 yuan.

And she has bound assets of 60 billion yuan.

In the plot, she is an old-fashioned old lady who is disliked by her husband’s family.

Not only was she a scumbag and turned into a lunatic, the four children she gave birth to were also set up by their stepmother to not have a good ending.

The cheap eldest daughter was bullied by her husband’s family: “I will give you a huge gift of 300 cents for marrying you! You should be our family’s coward! ”

Nan Lingyi, who took out the money casually, said: “I’ll give you a dime, and your only son will be your daughter-in-law! It’s even more worth it! ”

The second son’s hard-earned money was moved back to his parents’ home by his daughter-in-law. The hungry children were as skinny as a stick.

Nan Lingyi, who has an inheritance of several billions: “My grandson doesn’t need parents. What kind of son do I need to raise a grandson? ”

The man whom the third daughter married died of illness, and the sister-in-law mocked: “My brother’s compensation is mine. If it weren’t for you, my brother would not have been killed! ”

Nan Lingyi, who was putting diamonds on her nails, looked disgusted: “Now that I have acquired this factory, I will give the compensation to whomever I want! ”

The cheap son acted bravely but was falsely accused by the gangster: “You will be a cripple who has been in jail your whole life! ”

Nan Lingyi, who is supported by the father of the country: “I am the mother, he is role-playing, and you are sitting in jail! He is rich all over the world, and you are possessed by a poor dog! ”

The rich woman is crazy and invincible!

The stepmother jumped: “This is different from the script I thought! ”

The scumbag ex-husband pestered: “Lingyi, I love you, it’s all her fault… ”

Nan Lingyi sneered: “Disgusting, get out! ”

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