Three Lines of Love Letter

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After her first film was released, Jiang Qitang became famous and won the Best New Artist award in four major Film Awards. A period of glory where she was known as “The Violet Star of the Entertainment Industry.”

But after a year, the industry no longer saw her figure. There were a lot of opinions and discussions but the people concerned did not respond.

The chaos in the entertainment industry gradually became more fascinating and just as people were accepting the fact that Jiang Qitang had retired, on the first day of the New Year, a new movie was released, breaking various box office records in one swoop, and it was in the limelight for a while. Fans jokingly said: “Well, your Violet star is back.”

In June of the same year, someone uploaded a photo of lovers kissing in the shade of a tree in the background of Jianning City, the address of the new movie shooting. The eagle-eyed netizens found that this is not Jiang Qitang and Jiang Huai Zhou!

Jiang Huaizhou, a top-tier actor who became famous at a young age, aloof and remote, and uncompromising, completed a grand slam two years after his debut, becoming the youngest actor with countless fans. After the relationship was exposed, the social platform completely collapsed. Later, during a live interview, the media finally had the opportunity to ask about the relationship. After the media said the name Jiang Qitang, the corners of Jiang Huai Zhou’s mouth gradually rose and his cold eyes were tinged with tenderness.

During a live broadcast, Jiang Qitang’s Weibo account was exposed, and the people who ate melons looked for the code ID, and they were stunned for a while.

-I’ve been crushing on the candies for so long, only to find out they were my own candies!

-The CP fans are crying, my cp was so real!

-It turns out the blogger is Jiang Qitang! sob sob sob, so every candy I’ve crushed on was actually mine sob sob sob now that the love affair has been exposed, I’m no longer a but now I am sobbing uncontrollably because of my obsession!”

– Double Violet Star CP, perfect match!

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